The Tree of Links

My YouTube

Click Here to see my youtube channel where GoatFish and I go live ever other weekend for Drunken Divinations, where I post full legnth videos regarding my tradition of witchcraft and so much more!

My FaceBook Page

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My Instagram

Go Here for my personal instagram where I post images and art created by myself!

My Tiktok

Go Here for my personal Tiktok account.

Sabbath Social

Sabbath Social is a collective of magical practitioners that aim to provide a safe and sacred space, both spiritually and physically with NO judgement.

Our mission is to educate and inspire our community members by means of providing information, social engagement, and sponsored events.

Drunken Divinations Links


By far the best place to watch Drunken Divinations is on my YouTube Channel! Its free, all you need do is catch us when we are live and log into a youtube account to comment!

FaceBook Page

You can watch Drunken Divinations on our Facebook Page as well! Discuss with our community, get notified about live shows and so much more!


Drunken Divinations also has our own Instagram! You can see announcements, interact with our community and see art for upcoming lives and more!

TheBareWytch/Spicy Links

Just For Fans

My Just For Fans is where you will find all of my most exclusive and explicit content including photos, full length videos, exclusive posts and so much more! Its free to follow, but Subscribers get the best of the best!


My Twitter is also 21+, and its where you will find most of my free spicy content, so give me a follow, interact with like minded guys like you and me.

Blue Sky

BlueSky is a new social media platform with very few restrictions. Give me a follow and you'll see what I mean.


Its an adult site. Obviously only enter if you are 21+, send me a friend request. My account can be found Here.


I have a Tiktok account specifically for thirst traps and trouble. Give me a follow and some likes, you'll get it.


My spicy Instagram is where its at! Give me a follow and some likes, I'll be sure to return the favor!

Facebook Page

Thats right some of my spicy content is on my Facebook Page as well. Give me as a like and follow