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The Witching or Coming of Age

The Witching or Coming of Age

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In some traditions of witchcraft a person's coming of age is marked by a ceremony introducing them into the threshold of early adulthood. While many may not see this as a necessary ritual, I've always appreciated the symbolism of such rituals. Much like a Wiccan's "Wiccaning" you will have the option to do a Witching Ritual, which is an elaborate ritual that the child and family will take part in together with me to mark the official beginning of the young witch's study. 

If the young person is not going to dedicate themselves as a witch but would still like a ceremony to mark the special occasion in their life, no fret, I have written a Coming of Age ceremony that is versed as a promise from the child to be the best that they can be in being as kind and honest with themselves and their community as they can be. This ritual is also spiritually non denominal and can be written to fit the young persons spiritual desires as they please. 

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