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Cunning Owl Creations

Handfastings and Marriages

Handfastings and Marriages

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I have over a decade of experience leading ritual both in person and virtually, I also have many years of public speaking and performance so I am sure I can make your big day special and get lots of smiles from your guests. 

  • $100 deposit is required in order to save your date. This will be added towards the total of your chosen package. 
  • $250 just for me to come and read a prewritten ceremony for elopements and vowel renewals. This package includes one consultation and marriage license signing/filing. 
  • $350 for the comprehensive package which includes one consultation, a customized ceremony with one rewrite if necessary, phone availability up to the big day, and marriage license signing/filling. 
  • $100 for a rehearsal fee. Though rehearsals are optional I highly recommend them in order to be sure those taking part in the ceremony are well versed. This is especially recommended if you choose the comprehensive custom package. 
  • $60+ travel fee may be added if you are outside of the St. Pete area. 
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