Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

 These are the terms and conditions of the giveaway promoted and organized by Cunning Owl Creations. The best way to contact the promoter and organizer is via email at



 On 11/12/2021 a post regarding the giveaway will be published on Cunning Owl Creations’ official TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. The giveaway will be open for United States residents only. There are two ways to participate in the giveaway. Participants will be required to share the Giveaway Post on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter and tag Cunning Owl Creations for a chance to win the grand prize. One share per person per day is equal to one chance to win. Participants can also purchase Cunning Owl Creations Merchandise in order to qualify for more chances to win the prize. Every purchase of $1 is equal to one chance to win. For example $20 purchase is equal to 20 chances to win in addition to any other entries won through sharing the giveaway social media posts. Purchase entries will NOT include shipping and handling or Book of Shadows/Grimoire purchases. The winner of the contest will be the result of a random draw occurring on 01/31/22 after which the winner would be announced on social media.  


The prize to be won is a blank green handmade Book of Shadows by Cunning Owl Creations. Complete with post binding, three ribbons and aged paper. The winner will have the opportunity to select the cover symbol (if any) they would like on the cover. A prize worth $259.99. 


Volunteer and Assistant: Brianna Gray

Art as well as my spirituality are two of my greatest passions and the path I am on today is in part thanks to him. BlueNightt was what inspired me to start my spiritual journey so being able to help him accomplish this dream is a big deal. I practice many forms of art but my favorite part of all of it is helping others to learn and grow.

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