Cunning Owl Creations, Handcrafted Items for the Spiritual and the Wise

It all started with the internet, magick, and a dream.
Hello you, my name is Nathan but you may also know me as BlueNightt from my channel on youtube. I would like to personally welcome you to my shop of which I hold very dear to my heart and soul.
I have been a practicing witch since I was about 13 years old. I grew up in midwestern Appalachia in a small town in southern Ohio. Though I was not raised Pagan I’ve believed in magick for as long as I can remember. When I came across Wicca on the internet I thought this was the most amazing thing. As I grew up and studied more I found myself walking off the Wiccan path and eventually just introducing myself as a witch. With my Craft growing and evolving, I found that other parts of my life evolved with it. I’ve always had a great respect for art, and I’ve never been the guy that always had a lot of money on hand for “extras”, this includes spiritual tools in my opinion. So over the years as I’ve learned in witchcraft I’ve perfected my mundane crafts as well. Drawing, painting, sculpting, you name it I’ve tried it. My personal Book of Shadows being its own example of a tool I’ve perfected over the years. You can find flip through videos and how to videos on my channel of this tool and the Book of Shadows and Grimoires are my all time favorite product to make for the shop. I believe witches and pagans shouldn’t have to pay outrageous amounts of money to get tools that are good quality and can be passed down from generation to generation. So I used this inspiration and started the shop.
The store was purely a dream at that point. I didn’t think it was a great idea and working full time as an EMS dispatcher I didn’t think time was on my side. My partners Josh and Anthony along with the pagan youtube community at large, were my inspiration and my motivators. I created a name and a logo that represents the product, the cunning owl, a barn owl to be exact. This totem I’ve always believed to be a symbol of spiritual knowledge and power. She is a familiar spirit to me that is represented in modern pop culture, even in children’s books, bringing witches messages and gifts from above (as in Harry Potter). I hope the symbolism here relates to the items in my shop in a way.
Each listing in the shop you’ll find is influenced by my craft and experiences. We had a big move to Florida and you’ll find there is an interesting mix of old Appalachian magick I’ve always known with some newly adopted oceanic energies. Each product is truly handmade and one of a kind by me. Most are cleansed and blessed before leaving the shop but every product has its own unique energy created to blend with the buyer’s and cooperate seamlessly to any ultimate goal the user is trying to reach. Right down to the books and candles each has its purpose that you will find the item is eager to serve.
The ultimate goal for Cunning Owl Creations is to make and sell products of excellent quality for spiritual use at fair prices. To sell products that are one of a kind and have their own unique energy that any spiritualist or witch can connect with and use. No matter what path you may follow, everyone is welcome here. So take a browse at our inventory, listen to your heart and spirit when selecting our items. If there are any questions please feel free to contact us, check us out on youtube, facebook, and instagram.

Many Blessings
Nathan Keechle ( BlueNightt )
Founder of Cunning Owl Creations
Handcrafted Items for the Spiritual and the Wise




Volunteer and Assistant: Brianna Gray

Art as well as my spirituality are two of my greatest passions and the path I am on today is in part thanks to him. BlueNightt was what inspired me to start my spiritual journey so being able to help him accomplish this dream is a big deal. I practice many forms of art but my favorite part of all of it is helping others to learn and grow.

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